When patients go the ER for non-emergent, low-acuity needs, outcomes can be poor. This toolkit contains resources to help your practice inform, educate and empower your patients to:

  • Seek care from your practice whenever possible for emergent needs
  • Choose appropriate in-network emergent care options when your practice is not available
  • Preserve communication and coordination with your practice whenever emergent care is sought

The resources in this toolkit can benefit all your patients, not just those managed by the Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network (VHAN). Our goal is to help your practice increase access for your patients while offering secondary options for emergent care needs. To that end, we offer assessment tools to help your practice choose which areas to focus on and how to measure progress. The chart on the next page shows phases that a practice might advance through over time.

If you would like additional hard copies of this toolkit, email with the subject line “ER Toolkit”.

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