Medical Risk Adjustment Toolkit

MRA Benchmark Survey

Complete this 5-10 minute online survey to benchmark your current performance. Your responses will be assessed by your Network quality improvement team and used to offer specific recommendations, such as helping you:

  • Evaluate current practice operations and how they affect coding and documentation.
  • Determine a good starting point for improving coding and documentation.
  • Learn the best ways for your practice to use the coding and documentation toolkit.
  • Advance other practice objectives beyond coding and documentation.
Working Together

Why Medical Risk Adjustment Matters:

1. It enhances patient outcomes by ensuring appropriate care and health plan resources are provided during the current and prospective calendar year.

2. It increases quality measure and chronic condition capture rates in a prospective manner.

3. It drives patient awareness and condition management from year to year (i.e. medication compliance and adherence).

4. It supports the provider and patient relationship.

5. It helps integrate care through community referrals and medical neighborhood connectiveness.

6. It eliminates inefficiency in treatment and clinical waste, resulting in comprehensive care plans.

7. It helps deliver an accurate projection of medical cost.



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VHAN Serves As An Extension Of Your Practice In Supporting Your Goals. This Support Includes:

Practice Reporting 
VHAN will consistently provide your practice with a list of patient opportunities based on your specific quality measures and payer relationships. 

Coaching Support 
Our dedicated quality team can visit your practice in-person to answer questions and review your patient opportunities and payer requirements. 

Best Practice Sharing 
VHAN can provide personalized guidance based on best practices from other practices like yours. 

Process Improvement 
Your coach can help you implement new processes and procedures to improve your performance. 

Clinical Services 
Our care management team of nurse care coordinators, pharmacists, and social workers can act as an extension of your practice, providing you with additional clinical support for patients, families, and caregivers.

Performance Benchmarking 
We offer dashboards on utilization and quality so you can track your improvement over time, while also comparing your performance to the network as a whole. 

The VHAN Hub holds resources created for network members to access on their phone, desktop or tablet. The hub includes toolkits, patient education resources, care paths, quick reference guides, webinars, videos, infographics and more.





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