miniVHAN Mondays: Changemakers in Action

The miniVHAN hits the road in 2021 with a new series highlighting success stories of how network members and teams are improving patient outcomes and experiences through collaboration and new, innovative approaches to care delivery. Hear from network change agents as they share about the great work their organizations are leading to better care for patients, families and communities.

Episode 1:
VMG Annual Wellness Visits

During one of the most challenging years in healthcare, Dr. Catherine Stober, primary care physician at Vanderbilt Primary Care Green Hills, achieved a 97% completion rate for Medicare Annual Wellness Visits (AWV). Learn how she developed a team-based approach to ensuring nearly 500 of her eligible patients received an AWV and how telehealth has become a new, yet important, part of the equation.

Episode 2:
The Children’s Clinic of Nashville – Adolescent Well Visit Engagement

Join The Children’s Clinic of Nashville as Dr. Frank Haraf and Michele White, Practice Manager, as they share how their practice leverages technology and a team-based approach to improve adolescent well visit engagement. Learn how the clinic engages patients and parents through multiple channels, including social media, and how they use real-time reporting to ensure patients from newborns to young adults are being scheduled for important visits.

Episode 3:

On the latest episode of the miniVHAN podcast, we’ll share telehealth coding and documentation requirements for both COVID and non-COVID patients—a timely topic since CMS and commercial payors continue to support telehealth expansion. We’ll highlight telehealth coding guides developed for network members, including adult and pediatric wellness visits, commercial and MSSP quality measures, and more.

Episode 4:
Performing, Documenting and Billing AWVs with Vanderbilt Medical Group’s Dr. Ed Odom

Join Ed Odom, MD, as he shares best practices for performing, documenting and billing for Medicare Preventive/Annual Wellness Visits (AWV). Dr. Odom is an internal medicine physician and assistant professor of clinical medicine at Vanderbilt Health, as well as a champion of change for coding and documentation improvement efforts that enhance patient care delivery. He shares the importance of a team-based approach to AWVs along with tips for engaging patients in AWV each year

Episode 5:
HCC Coding

Accurately capturing complex and commonly misdiagnosed health conditions, represented by higher-weighted hierarchal condition categories (HCCs), is one of the most challenging aspects of the coding and documentation process. Because such HCCs often represent higher predicted healthcare costs, it’s vital to improve the process of coding for these chronic healthcare issues. Our latest episode of the miniVHAN podcast takes a deeper dive into five top HCCs for conditions that are often misdiagnosed.

Episode 6:
2021 Coding Changes

Join us in the miniVHAN for the first episode of 2021, as Matthew Rosenberger, MPH, shares important coding changes for this year, how practices can prepare for these changes, and new and updated resources VHAN has developed to support coding and documentation education.

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