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The Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network Provider Content Hub is designed to put clinical information, multimedia content, patient education resources and network news at your fingertips. Accessible across multiple technology platforms and through varying channels, the VHAN content hub is designed for your convenience. To explore the content hub, access the menu icon above. 

About Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network

The Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network is a collaborative alliance of physicians and health systems driving clinical innovation to take patient care and population health to the next level in Tennessee and surrounding states.

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VHAN Guidelines and Compliance Resources

Have questions about the resources on this page? Contact the Compliance Officer at compliance@vhan.com or (615) 936-3624.


VHAN’s Compliance Policy establishes our commitment to ethical practices and to compliance with all applicable legal requirements. It also addresses governance and management of the compliance program, provides guidance on certain policy matters, and outlines responsibilities of parties covered by this policy.

Antitrust Compliance

VHAN’s Antitrust Policy contains a brief background of antitrust regulations as well as helpful guidance on best practices for meetings and information exchange.

VHAN also provides an Antitrust Compliance Guide to assist your understanding of and compliance with the Antitrust Policy.

Conflict of Interest

VHAN’s Conflict of Interest Policy clarifies requirements regarding conflicts of interest and outlines a system for disclosure and resolution of potential and actual conflicts of interest.

VHAN Shared Savings Distribution Model: 2019 Update

Update Letter

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