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Through innovative programs and services and a collaborative network of members, VHAN members are working to transform health care and strengthen the communities we call home. 

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What Makes Us Different

Here are a few reasons why our network is special.


We are actively engaged with the unique needs of the region. Fueled by a passion for patient care, we offer boots-on-the-ground support of our members.


Our comprehensive approach to health and wellness addresses the diverse needs of patients with evidence-based programs that extend care.

Data & Technology 

Our network has access to a large amount of data, and we make that data visible and actionable to stratify outreach and improve performance.

Steps for Active Members

 To make the most of your membership and ensure we provide appropriate support and accurate data insights, set a reminder to complete the following activities on a regular basis.

Update Provider Roster

Current rosters are vital to receiving up-to-date reports. We recommend making updates quarterly and/or each time a provider changes.

Share Staff Changes

Help us communicate effectively by letting us know when you have changes to your team—quarterly at a minimum. If you need a template, let us know.

Your Success Is Our Success

VHAN is made up of members like you: Changemakers in their communities. Read more about your peers’ achievements.

Highlighted Programs and Services

Our resources are VHAN’s key differentiators, designed to provide immediate value to members and make a positive impact on patients. 

Refer a Patient to Care Management

VHAN’s Care Management and interdisciplinary clinical teams engage at-risk patients to better meet their needs. These teams help members respond to complex care demands from patients, while improving satisfaction and easing burnout.

Call for Behavioral Health Consults

VHAN’s Adult and Pediatric Behavioral Health Consult Lines offer real-time guidance from licensed clinical social workers for patients experiencing an emotional or behavioral health crisis. This service is available for all patients, regardless of insurance carrier. 

Get Support With Med Management

Our pharmacy services help patients with medication management, reducing the demand on your staff. Our pharmacists reach out to patients on your behalf to answer questions and help them avoid events associated with medication adherence.

Jump Into the miniVHAN Podcast

Stay Current on Population Health Happenings

In each 30-minute-or-less episode, miniVHAN’s guest experts steer listeners through discussions of innovative health care strategies, significant regulatory updates and new trends happening in population health. The episodes offer members-only resources and tools to power VHAN’s momentum.

Take Time for a Well Moment

Better Conversations. Better Health.

VHAN’s Well Moment webinars offer a space where patients and families can learn from and talk directly to health experts about timely health and wellness issues. Explore our dedicated site to sign up for future webinars, watch past webinars and discover current resources on a variety of vital health topics.

Take Time for a Well Moment

Better Conversations. Better Health.

Well Moment is a dedicated space where patients and families can learn from and talk directly to health experts about important and pressing health and wellness issues.

From webinars and podcasts to infographics and guides, VHAN provides the most up-to-date resources on a variety of health topics.

Let’s start talking.

Real-time Insights With OnePoint

Population Health Insights at the Point of Care

OnePoint is an on-demand tool that optimizes patient care through information sharing—one of VHAN’s four main Membership Principles. By combining disparate patient data sources into a single source of truth, the platform efficiently identifies patients’ needs and increases clinicians’ insights to build a holistic care experience.

VHAN Focus Areas

Gain a deeper understanding of our core focus areas and how members are achieving tangible, measurable results as a part of the network.

Utilization and Cost Management

By focusing on decreasing unnecessary utilization of health care services, VHAN is improving patient outcomes and driving down the total cost of care for the entire system. We do this by prioritizing:

  • Clinical Care Standardization
  • ED Utilization and Readmissions
  • High-Cost Claimants
  • Post-Acute Care
  • Wellness and Prevention

CASE STUDY: VHAN member Upper Cumberland Family Physicians in Cookeville, TN, leveraged VHAN’s ER Toolkit to reduce unnecessary ED utilization from 38% to 31% as well as decrease potentially impactable ED costs from 40% to 26%. Click the link below to learn more.

Quality and Clinical Program Development

Our network continues to achieve 100% performance on key quality measures, leading to improved patient outcomes and increased financial incentives. Some of our efforts include:

  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Behavioral Health
  • Medication Management
  • Preventive Health Screenings & Annual Wellness Visits
  • Transition of Care
  • Patient Engagement and Satisfaction

CASE STUDY: Chattanooga based member Erlanger Health System has experienced substantial year-over-year increases in Medicare Annual Wellness Visits (AWVs). Click the link below to learn how they improved their completion rate.


IT & Analytics

VHAN’s data-driven approach to identify areas of focus has helped our network consistently exceed national benchmarks in quality performance. Valuing the exchange of transparent, timely and accurate information, VHAN uses the following tools for robust data and insights:

  • OnePoint Population Health Data Insights Tool
  • Performance Measurement and Reporting
  • Quality Measure, Attribution and Utilization Reports
  • Therapeutic Alternatives Program and Prescriber Opportunity Reports
  • Real-time notifications using ADT feeds from TN Hospital Association members

CASE STUDY: VHAN member Internal Medicine & Pediatrics, LLC, Cool Springs integrates quality measure reports into everyday care through a team-based approach. Click the link below to learn how they leverage patient data and collaborative processes to consistently exceed quality targets.

Care Transformation

VHAN supports members in the transition to value-based care models, enabling us to be a high-performing, clinically integrated network that appeals to patients and their families, providers, payors and employers. We do this by:

  • Strengthening our clinical and business infrastructure to drive population health management
  • Implementing value-based contracts that increase revenue opportunities through shared risk and enhanced provider integration
  • Participating in new care delivery and advanced payment models
  • Providing peer learning forums to share best practices across the network
  • Serving in health care associations and agencies at the national, regional and local levels

    VHAN celebrates its members’ notable achievements in advanced models, including:

    • Nearly $7 million achieved in shared savings for the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP)
    • Connected Care ACOs achieved above 155% the national average on completed AWVs
    • Connected Care ACOs approved for and levering 3-day Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Waiver
    • 13 members participating in the CMS Primary Care First payment model
    • Dozens of practices Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) certified through NCQA

    More than $204 million in total health plan savings

    We’re proud of our members’ performance in value-based care models. To learn about network achievements, read the annual VHAN Impact Report.

    Read About the VHAN Impact

    Looking for More?

    VHAN Vision 

    We are the region’s preferred value-based clinically integrated network, delivering innovative solutions, learning opportunities and strategic advantages to patients and their families, providers, employers and payors.

    VHAN Mission 

    We are leading the transformation of health care delivery across the region in ways that improve health today and strengthen communities for tomorrow.

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