Membership Principles
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Taking Action. Affecting Change.

To sustain our reputation as a high-performing, clinically integrated, learning health network appealing to patients and their families, providers, payors and employers, VHAN members are committed to key principles that ensure our ability to deliver high-quality care and achieve the highest performance results.

4 Main Principles


Deliver High-quality,
 Evidence-Based Care

VHAN delivers patient-centric, well-coordinated care to all patients by employing best practices and evidence-based care.


Optimize Care Through
 Information Sharing

Transparent, timely and accurate information exchange is critical for informed communication and quality care.



Providing excellence in healthcare, treating others as we wish to be treated and continuously improving our performance are key to amplifying the strengths of our member organizations.


Foster Network

VHAN members work together to ensure seamless transitions and communications between providers, optimizing patient care and health outcomes across the continuum.

“There are no limits to what we can accomplish when we focus on shared goals and actively work together to care for our communities.”


David Posch, MS | Executive Vice President, Population Health – Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network