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Population Health Insights at the Point of Care

OnePoint is an on-demand tool that optimizes patient care through information sharing—one of VHAN’s four main Membership Principles. By combining disparate patient data sources into a single source of truth, the platform efficiently identifies patients’ needs and increases clinicians’ insights to build a holistic care experience.

OnePoint gives a clearer, more up-to-date view into a patient’s health needs.

Top Benefits Include:

Improved Outcomes

Identifies patients’ needs and increases engagement

Timely Information

Allows access to near real-time patient details

Streamlined Experience

Pop-up notifications yield insights without extra clicks

Efficient Workflows

Decreases admin burdens and builds team efficiency

Optimized Performance

Boosts the number of key preventive screenings

“To fully appreciate the complexity of health care is an exercise in empathy, for it is a system designed to support not just individuals, but the composite whole.”

VHAN Success Team

We walk with you and ease the lift for your practice.

One Point of Contact for IT/Analytics, Operations and Clinical Needs

Members will benefit from a dedicated group of VHAN operations, quality and IT/analytics experts, with one primary contact leading team communications. The team partners with members throughout implementation and on an ongoing basis to help with optimization. The approach can be customized to meet the goals of the practice.

The VHAN Success Team’s one-point-of-contact approach is an efficient way to engage stakeholders—and ensure rapid, straightforward implementation that fits into your existing workflow.


Custom 30/60/90-day plan

Rapid adoption and training

High-level touch points for initial setup

Training and Onboarding

Regular touch points for questions, features and opportunities

Training plan for new staff

Reporting and progress discussions

Ongoing Support

Refreshers on features and benefits

Platform enhancements and updates

Optimization opportunities

Four Steps to Data at Your Fingertips

What’s the secret to OnePoint success and a faster path to insights?
We’ve mapped out four steps to ensure ease of implementation and rapid adoption—so that your staff can spend more time on higher-value tasks and your patients can get the preventive care they need.

But remember: You’re not going it alone. The VHAN Success Team will walk alongside as your guide.

Identify Champions

Communication clarity
SME identification
Momentum and excitement

VHAN Support
Implementation plan
Early staff training
Regular touchpoints

Submit EHR Data

Reduces need for attestation
Eliminates duplicated efforts
Connects care teams

VHAN Support
Step-by-step guides
Hands-on project support
Regular touchpoints

Use Reporting Portal

On-demand insights
Timely, targeted reports
Pre-visit reports

VHAN Support
Tailored rollout plan
Staff training
Regular touchpoints

Roll Out Desktop App

Delivers data from payors and EHRs
Doesn’t disrupt clinician workflow

VHAN Support
Implementation guide
High-touch IT support
Ongoing staff training

Fewer clicks. Less disruption.
More time for what’s most important.