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Our friends call us VHAN, pronounced like “van.”

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Let Us Make a Great First Impression

We’re thrilled to welcome your practice to the Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network (VHAN). You’ve joined a thriving community of like-minded providers and health leaders who have come together to change health care for the better.

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You Are Here

VHAN Hub is your one-stop shop for resources and information. It’s quick and easy to sign up for access to our members-only website: Start by registering a unique login and password. To learn about access to our full library of VHAN resources, visit the Resource Library page.

(Should take less than 1 minute.)

4 Simple Steps to Onboarding

To set you up for success, we have detailed four simple steps to prepare for your first onboarding session. 

First, help us customize your onboarding process.

1. Schedule Your Onboarding Session

You will receive a welcome email including a link to book your first onboarding meeting. Only one person should complete the scheduling request, but you should consider including all key contacts. Examples of key contacts include: Business Finance Champion, Practice Admin, Physician Champion, Contracting Leader, and/or Quality Leader.

2. Share Your Interests

What are you interested in learning about when it comes to your VHAN membership? Let us know before your initial onboarding meeting to help us tailor the session to your needs.
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Complete the Interest Survey 

Then, take care of some housekeeping items.

2. Register for Member Badge Access

The VHAN Member Badge designates you as a member of the network and represents a consistent message of quality. To receive access to badge files, an authorized leader on your team must sign the badge agreement (linked below) and acknowledge usage guidelines. This agreement only needs to be signed once by one member for everyone in the practice to use the badge.
(1 minute) 

Visit the Member Badge Page 

3. Share Practice Contact List

Send us the email addresses of your practice’s key contacts so we can provide you with the latest and greatest network communications. You may provide these lists in whatever format is easiest for your practice. We can also provide a template if needed. You may send your list to memberinfo@vhan.com. Be sure to indicate which practice the list is coming from.

If you have any questions about the onboarding steps above, please contact us.

Need Onboarding Support for Your Team?

We have created a Quick Start page for the rest of your team so everyone can experience the value of membership as soon as possible. Visit the link below and share with your team.

Now for the Fun Stuff

Now that you are more familiar with VHAN and what it looks like to be a member, we encourage you to check out the people, programs and technology that set us apart as a network.

We know being a new kid on the block can be overwhelming. If we can help you with something specific, please reach out for help at info@vhan.com.

Behavioral Health

VHAN offers adult and pediatric consult lines, patient education materials and a library of local resources.

Clinical Toolkits

VHAN’s toolkits present in-depth guidance to combat some of your practice’s most challenging priorities. jjj

Care Management

The experts on VHAN’s Care Management team help support patients with complex care needs.

Quality Measures

VHAN’s dedication to quality starts with clarity around payor profiles and contracted quality measures.

Data Insights with OnePoint

VHAN’s data insights tool helps members identify patient needs directly from their EMR.

Clinical Programs

VHAN offers support in multiple clinical areas such as behavioral health, pharmacy and pediatrics.

Learn about all of these programs and more on our Member Value Page

Looking for More?

VHAN Vision 

We are the region’s preferred value-based clinically integrated network that strives to deliver innovative solutions, learning opportunities and strategic advantages to patients and their families, providers, employers and payors.

VHAN Mission 

We are leading the transformation of health care delivery across the region in ways that improve health today and strengthen communities for tomorrow.

Not a VHAN Member?

Visit our Member Value page to see what you’re missing—and start the process of becoming a member of our changing-making network.