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Let’s Get Started

VHAN is excited to support your implementation of OnePoint, the network’s new data management tool designed to help you identify population health goals and advance your practice’s care transformation journey.

For more information on the benefits of OnePoint, reach out to your network contact.

Ease Into Implementation

If you’re not sure where to start, these items will help you plan for what’s ahead, streamline your process and support your team.


Quick Start Brochure:
Use this guide to dive deeper into the onboarding process and learn how to get started.


Quick Start Form:
Streamline communication by completing the customized form from your VHAN contact.

Check email or ask your VHAN contact for a link to your form.


Team Support Flyer:
Guide your team through implementation by prominently posting this flyer for easy reference.

Visit VHANOnePoint.com
to test login and access OnePoint.

VHAN implementation partners will provide your login details. Remember, only one person is allowed per each OnePoint account. You cannot share generic practice emails.

Save no-reply@arcadiasolutions.com 
as a trusted contact in your email account.

Add this contact to your address book and mark as a primary email to ensure prompt delivery of information throughout implementation.

Moving at Your Speed

We will take a phased approach to rolling out OnePoint with your practice. We have outlined the general phases of training and implementation below. Your VHAN contacts and implementation partners will support you through each phase, ensuring your organization’s comfort and mastery of key concepts.

For more details on each phase, view the OnePoint Welcome Guide.


Orientation to the Platform

Learn how to log in and navigate within OnePoint.


Understanding Core Functionality

Establish deeper understanding of OnePoint’s features and functions.


Tracking Performances

Ensure your team is comfortable using OnePoint in daily practice.


Driving Positive Outcomes

Equip your practice to improve performance using OnePoint.


Looking to the Future

Grow with OnePoint as we continue to introduce new features and share best practices.

Account Support

For questions about using the platform, adding new users or other account management inquiries, reach out to your CQTA or Network Operations contact.

Tech Support

For technical issues, troubleshooting or helping individuals gain access to OnePoint, please send an email to helpdesk@vhan.com.

Team Support

Don’t forget to fill out the team support flyer with information about your practice and hang prominently in your office for easy reference.

Ready to get started with OnePoint?

All VHAN practices will need to implement OnePoint in order to continue receiving reports. If you’d like get started, please reach out to your network contact. If you don’t know your network contact, contact us through the link below.