VHAN Badge Agreement

Network Badge Agreement

The VHAN Badge is the primary visual component used to identify and represent the members of the network. The Badge was created to provide an effective way to visually express one consistent message of quality.

Membership Principles:

VHAN members collaborated to develop these Membership Principles that will help hold each other accountable for high-quality, exemplary performance.

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Badge Agreement:

Provide your patients with branded educational materials when you upgrade to All Access membership on the VHAN Hub. All Access members can view and download print and digital on-demand patient education materials that address key topics, such as diabetes, wellness visits and ER use. Once downloaded, you can add your practice or health system’s logo to the material alongside the VHAN Badge logo.

Participating members are invited to use the VHAN Badge to visually align their organizations to the broader network, which helps strengthen provider referrals, drive patient volume and loyalty, and enhance network visibility to payors.

When you sign the VHAN Badge agreement, you also have access to customizable patient education materials that can incorporate your organization’s brand. 

You can leverage the VHAN Badge in a variety of ways:

  • Link VHAN Badge in your website footer and social media apps
  • Print materials, including brochures, exam room flyers and patient education
  • Digital and print advertisements
  • Promotional products including desk placards, lapel pins and window clings

Navigating VHAN Hub:

Find information on the Hub in multiple ways: Click through the resource library, use the search bar or request any needed resources.

Library Contents Example:

Example here of what they will have access to since the hub will password protected.

Guidelines & Compliance:

Have questions about the resources on this page? Contact the Compliance Officer at compliance@vhan.com or (615) 936-3624.


VHAN’s Compliance Policy establishes our commitment to ethical practices and to compliance with all applicable legal requirements. It also addresses governance and management of the compliance program, provides guidance on certain policy matters, and outlines responsibilities of parties covered by this policy.

Antitrust Compliance

VHAN’s Antitrust Policy contains a brief background of antitrust regulations as well as helpful guidance on best practices for meetings and information exchange.

VHAN also provides an Antitrust Compliance Guide to assist your understanding of and compliance with the Antitrust Policy.

Conflict of Interest

VHAN’s Conflict of Interest Policy clarifies requirements regarding conflicts of interest and outlines a system for disclosure and resolution of potential and actual conflicts of interest.

VHAN Shared Savings Distribution Model: 2019 Update

Update Letter

Governance & Structure:

VHAN governance structure stems from our Board of Directors, which is composed of clinical and administrative representatives from across our Affiliate community. Our Committees and Councils are tasked with responsibilities such as clinical improvement; credentialling, finance, contracts management, and data governance; physician leadership; and addressing regional and ad hoc needs. Physician representation is key to the work of every Board Committee.

Because we strive to continuously improve clinical performance across our Affiliate practices while incorporating regional input into our clinical network strategies, we maintain a Clinical Performance Committee with regular feedback from our regional Clinical Operating Leadership Teams, Regional Medical Directors and Network Operations Directors, and Physician Leadership Council.